Pro-Ject Amp Box DS2 Mono  

Mono power amplifier  


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Audiophile PWM circuit (Pulse Wave Modulation)  

Very low distortion at very impressive bandwith  

High efficiency from mains to audio power  

Multi layered PCB for short signal paths  

Line level input (RCA)  

Loop output (RCA)  

Isolated speaker outputs  

Trigger input & loop out  

Elegant aluminium - metal sandwich casing  

Available in black or silver with optional matt wooden side panels in Eucalyptus, Rosenut, Walnut  



Excellent sound quality combined with compact dimensions and high energy efficiency!  


The heart of this audiophile amplifier is a Class D module which is highly efficient and energy saving. It delivers high output power, to drive demanding speakers and fill any room with pure sound, very low and frequency-independent THD to produce the cleanest sound possible. The top grade power amplifier module guarantees fully load-independent frequency response, low output impedance and very low noise floor. It meets our highest sonic standards in terms of spaciousness and fine dynamics and provides sufficient power for excellent reproduction in normal living rooms. As a sonic gui-deline for Pro-Ject amplifiers the homogeneous liquid sound of audiophile tube amplifiers are used as benchmark. All our next generation devices offer the possibility to come with wooden side panels. The side panels give the products a very classy and unique look. Three different finishes (rosenut, walnut and eucalyptus) are available to meet any taste and to match your furniture. A four layered PCB enables us to use shorter signal paths, which are also responsible for the improved sound compared to its predecessor. Amp Box DS2 Mono will fill your home with the lush, energetic and smooth sound, usually found in much more expensive products. As additional upgrade you can use our Power Box DS Amp to improve the soundquality even further. The casing, made of aluminum and metal, is both elegant and solid, to protect against vibration and deliver highest aesthetics. The unmatched sound and the no compromise components make it an audiophile high end bargain!  


SRP: 459,00  

SRP: 559,00 incl. wooden side panels  



Recommended accessoires:  


The addition of linear power supply Power Box DS Amp adds even more depth and lets you hear all microscopic fine detail.  

Power Box DS Amp




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