Pro-Ject MaiA - My audiophile integrated Amplifier  

Stereo integrated amplifier with 9 input options  


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• 2x 25W / 37W @ 8 / 4 Ohms  

• 2 ohms drive capability  

• Dual mono design principle  

• Inputs: 3x stereo line, 1x phono (RCA), 1x Bluetooth (aptX), 2x dig opt, 1x dig coax,  

  1x USB  

• XMOS asynchronous USB 24bit/192kHz  

• 24bit/192kHz D/A converter  

• 4th generation Bluetooth with aptX capability & antenna  

• Phono input with MM capability  

• Volume control with motor driven potentiometer  

• Headphone output  

• Variable output for subwoofer or second zone amp  

• IR remote included  

• Full metal casing, silver or black faceplate  


MaiA: A new generation stereo amplifier with timeless design & future-proof technology!  


That is what starters in ambitious home audio have waited for: A small integrated amplifier with ultimate input flexiblity, that avoids compromising the sound quality. MaiA is offering all digital and analogue input options you can dream of combined with an amplifier stage, that delivers outstanding tube-like sound (Flying Mole modules) and a high-class 24bit/192kHz D/A converter stage. Despite its small size, 9 (!) source devices can be connected simultaneously. MaiA is absolutely future-proof:  


• High-quality phono MM preamp  

• 3 analogue line level inputs  

• XMOS asynchronous USB 24bit/192kHz input for computer audio  

• Digital coax input  

• 2 Toslink inputs  

• Wireless Bluetooth streaming (aptX capable) input with dedicated antenna  


But no matter which input you choose, a real musical sound quality with lifelike performance is guaranteed. This stylish amplifier offers low noise and solid output power for audiophile playback in smaller rooms around 25m², when partnered with good-quality speakers from € 200,00 to € 1000,00. Additionally a subwoofer or another power amplifier can be connected. A headphone 6,3mm connection is also provided. An IR remote makes usage a piece of a cake. The massive metal casing is elegant and effectively protects against interferences. MaiA is available with silver or black faceplates.  


SRP: € 499,00  



Recommended accessories:  



Control it DS/RS


Sound optimization  

Power Box MaiA




BluetoothaptX-LOSSLESSUSB - Universal Serial BusXMOS  







Several magazines 04/2016 Overview of positive reviews  


Home Theater Review (USA) 11/2015 "If anyone thinks that high-quality audio is a hobby for the rich, think again."  


HiFi Pig 03/2015 "True value of money" a one stop shop with a sound quality that just makes you sit back and smile."  


HiFi World 02/2015 Combining a DAC, phonostage, decent Class D amplifier and Bluetooth in one small unit for just under £400 is no mean feat and offers excellent value for money.  


Audio&Cinema Em Casa 02/2015 "In conclusion MaiA is extremely versatile, capable in reproducing several sources (from traditional to modern) with a no compromise sound, but capable and honest"  


AUDIO 01/2015 Sonically, one couldn’t reproach any stinginess to the carefully constructed double mono Pro-ject amplifier. Above all, it did not spare information with fine treble. If you like it fresh and differentiated, you should definitely listen to the playful MaiA in the ultra-compact class. In terms of positioning, dynamics and transparency it managed to be just a bit better than the Micromega. In short: A hot tip for those who do not need an amp with a "long engine hood".  


Hi-Fi News 11/2014 What proved challenging, then, was defining the overall sound of the MaiA, it's transparency being sufficient to produce a digital hierarchy, but one that wasn't unbending.  


Stereo 08/2014 Neat manufacturing and really honest sound is something that also can be done in Europe, when draft is clever and quantity is adequate.  


Einsnull 05/2014

"Pro-Ject does actually everything right with the MaiA. Really versatile, compact in dimensions and also the price is kept low. Small and medium-sized rooms satisfies the MaiA with a dynamic sound, whether from analogue or digital sources. A parcel that you gladly accept."  


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FAQ - Hints for using MaiA  


Q: Does the device support Windows 10?  

A: The device is fully compatible with Windows 10. It may be necessary to reinstall latest drivers after updating from Windows 7/8/8.1 to Windows 10.  


Q: Why does Windows not identify my device correctly?  

A: Please ask the manufacturer of your computer for a new driver for the USB controller. If your device is connected to an USB 3.0 controller (blue plug), connect it to an USB 2.0 controller (black plug). Request the latest driver for your Pro-Ject device via online contact form.  


Q: Does a driver exist for Mac OSX- or Linux-Systems?  

A: You do not need a driver. The driver is already integrated in the operating system.  


Q: MaiA will not be recognized by Mac OSX and is not available under Audio. What can I do?  

A: Turn off your Computer and press at start alt+cmd+p+r until another starting sound appears. With this command the USB bus will be reset and MaiA will be recognized new.  



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