Pro-Ject Power Box S 6-way  

One power cable solution  


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Power Box S 6-way fits in rear side of Design Box Acryl 4 and supplies up to 4 components of S-series  

Only 1 power supply for all mounted units  

Covers all interconnects within Design Box Acryl frame  

Improves sonic performance of S-Line products  

Provides good filtration and voltage regulation  

Power Box S includes Power supply & mounting screws (Design Box Acryl is not included)  

Available in black finish  


Power Box S: One cable power solution!  


Using Power Box S 6-way brings the following advantages to Box Design users:  

Only 1 power supply for up to 4 S-line components  

Covers all interconnects cables between components  

Switches all components with a single power button.  

Saves sockets on your power strip  


SRP: 149,00  




recommended Accessoires:  

To ensure an optimum installation we will offer the optional accessoir Design Box 4P and 2P for the Power Box S 4-way in near future. 


Last update 12.07.2018

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