Pro-Ject Speaker Box 10 S2  

High end floorstanding speaker  


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• Audiophile 2.5-way design  

• Rear port bass reflex cabinet  

• Sophisticated internal bracing  

• Ultra stiff non resonating MDF cabinet  

• Audiophile direct-wired crossover - no PCB!  

• Lead free solder  

• Ecofriendly glue from Kleiberit  

• Real wood finishes in 3 options  

• Acoustically transparent front cover with magnetic attachment  

• Gold-plated speaker terminal (single-wired)  

• Handmade in Europe  



Speaker Box 10 S2 - the new benchmark!  


Speaker Box 10 S2 is a perfect compromise between size and sound. Don‘t let the rather small cabinet fool you, they are compact enough to fit any living room but still offer audiophile and room filling sonics. Cristal clear highs, for thrilling details, are reproduced by the 25mm silkdome tweeter. Lush and engaging mids coupled with powerful and punchy bass are sure to keep your toes tapping. The big sound-stage and realistic imaging will surprise many listeners. Never before was such a sound possible from a speaker that‘s entirely made in Europe at that pricepoint!  

The real wood chassis is available in three different finishes, to meet any taste. The elegant walnut, eucalyptus and rosewood housings are sure to blend into any interior and attract many looks. Speaker Box 10 S2 comes with high quality spikes to perfectly transmit unwanted vibrations to any stable surface. A special, very resistant and ecofriendly glue has been used to hold the cabin together and to avoid any leakage. All our speakers have to withstand extreme-condition tests, to make sure they fit our highest standards.  

Speaker Box 10 S2 combines class leading sound with a comfortable size and elegant aesthetics forming what becomes the loudspeaker to beat in the range of below 1000€ - a true reference!  


SRP: € 999,00  




Question: Is it recommended to operate the speakers without the front grilles?  

Answer: Yes, we recommend to operate them without covers, as the delicate treble can spread absolutely freely. Our almost acoustically transparent speaker grilles only serve as protection against outer influences (e.g. pets).  


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