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Bookshelf speaker platform  


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• Perfect placement for near-field speakers  

• Damping feet prevent unwanted vibration  

• Perfectly suits Speaker Box 4 or 5  

• Each stand also provides additional space for 1 Box Design S component  

• Crystal clear acrylic  

• Stereo set includes 2 stands and 8 „Absorb it“ dampers  


A set of Speaker Box Desktopstand includes 1 pair of stands plus special absorber feet made from synthetic material, that prevent transmission of unwanted mechanical vibration.  


Computers are used more and more to control the personal music library, therefore high quality Desktop PC audio systems have become very popular. Ambitious music lovers seek for first-class audio reproduction even at their workplace or while gaming.  


There are lot of (plastic) speakers on the market, which are able to play loud, but fail in natural music reproduction. Pro-Ject products offer audiophile-grade music experience at the lowest price level possible. Pro-Ject components and accessories can uplift your desktop audio system to get a real Highend audio desktop system.  


SRP / pair: € 99,00  


Delivery without speakers and components  


Last update 12.07.2018

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