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Pro-Ject Stream Box DS2 T  

24bit/192kHz Hires audio streamer & internet radio transport  


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Box Control: full control of Stream Box  



• 24 bit/192kHz Hires Audio streaming client  

• Spotify Connect support  

• Lossless streaming with Tidal  

• WAV, AIFF, FLAC, WMA9 lossless, ALAC & AAC  

• FLAC decoding for all 9 compression levels including  

Level 0 (data rate up to approximately 9 mbit/s)  

• Gapless playback of all audio formats  

• Digital coax and optical output  

• Search functionality fast forward and back  

• Alphanumeric search  

• 3,5“ colour display shows cover art and metadata  

• Multiple display languages  

• Wifi 802.11 b/g allowing real wireless 24/192  

• Solid metal casework prevents from interference  

• Special proprietary NetAPI implemented for fast access  

• Available in silver or black  

• Free Control APP (iOS & Android)  



Stream Box DS2 T is a fully equipped audio streaming client with internet radio, that is able to play music stored on network servers (computers, NAS drives, etc) connected to your home network. Stream Box DS2 T includes powerful audiophile features. Ready for use with streaming services like Spotify and Tidal. Other streaming services such as Deezer, Grooveshark etc, can be implemented using 3rd party applications. Superb audio playback including 24bit HD music is self-evident, like outstanding technical data for distortion and noise levels. Navigation can be done via IR remote (which is included) and/or free Android / iOS App. Stream Box DS2 T comes in elegant aluminium cabinets in silver or black, for further aesthetics it is available with real wood side panels.  


SRP: € 699,00  

SRP: € 799,00 incl. wooden side panels  



Recommended accessories:  


Audio Playback:  



DAC Box DS2 ultra

Pre Box DS2 Digital

MaiA DS2



Control it DS/RS




Stream Box supports TIDAL - Quick Start Guide (10/2015)  

Spotify Connect Quick Start Guide  

Stream Box: FLAC and other PC audio miracles  

Stream Box: tips for best performance  




Stream Box DS2 T multiroom application  

Combine several Stream Box DS2 T to a multiroom audio system with Windows Media Player 12 (Windows 7 PC)!  

Audiophile playback because of Stream Box DS2 T.  

In each zone different music at the same time!  

detailed Information for Download  


Stream music from Smartphone to Stream Box DS2 T  

„iMediashare“ makes it possible to transfer your music directly from Smartphone to Stream Box DS2 T!  

detailed Information for Download  

Note: iOS version is not working correctly with Stream Box DS2 T. When selecting music from iTunes library, App crashes and shows abnormal end. iMediaShare is informed and is working on a solution. As an alternative, it is possible to stream audio from iPod/iPhone/iPad using newest version of Plug-Player Version (4.1.0), which is also able to send music to Stream Box DS. Android version of iMediaShare is not affected and works perfectly!  



FAQ - Hints for using Stream Box DS2 T  


Q: What has to be considered when using TIDAL with the Stream Box?  

A: To use TIDAL music service a TIDAL Hifi or TIDAL Premium account is required. Install the latest version of the Box Control App and update the firmware of your Stream Box.  


Q: The TIDAL Setup does not work and returns Country: Bad Login, what can I do?  

A: Please avoid the percent symbol (%) in your password.  


Q: What has to be considered when using Spotify Connect with the Stream Box?  

A: To use Spotify Connect a Spotify premium account of Spotify is necessary. A free Spotify account does not support Spotify Connect. Install the latest free firmware for the Stream Box.  


Q: What must be considered when using Spotify Connect with the Stream Box?  

A: To use Spotify Connect a premium account of Spotify is necessary. A free Spotify account does not support Spotify Connect. Install the latest free firmware for the Stream Box.  


Q: Why can't i see my Favorites under Internet-Radio and why can't i generate a new Access Code? Why i get "empty" or "Server Error" when i browse Radio Stations?  

A: Some Internet Provider have slow DNS-Servers and therefore you get a timeout when you want to access vTuner. Change the DNS-Server of your Internet-Router to an alternative free DNS-Server (eg. and This DNS-Servers are provided by Google and are very fast.  


Q: What is the maximum size of a hard disk connected on the USB-Port of the Stream Box?  

A: The maximum size of a hard disk (or USB-Stick) connected on the USB-Port of the Streamer can be up to 8 Terabyte. A single music file cannot be larger than 4 Gigabyte.  


Q: I cannot see my Windows-PC under Media Server.  

A: Make sure that media sharing in Windows Media Player is enabled.  

Go to “Streaming” – “Turn on media streaming” (Windows 7) or “Library” – “Media Sharing”.  


Q: The USB hard disk or storage media is not recognized by the Stream Box DS2 T.  

A: Check whether it is formatted FAT32 and not exFAT or NTFS.  

With a larger Storage than 32GB you need a special tool to format it as FAT32 (eg. Fat32Formatter).  


Q: How can I update the Firmware?  

A: From the main menu of the Stream Box DS2 T choose "Settings" - "General" - "Software Update".  


Q: Why does not support the Stream Box NTFS?  

A: FAT32 is the standard filesystem for all music players, digital cams, printers etc. and therefore the best compatible filesystem for all devices. NTFS support more features e.g. security info and therefore it can make troubles. FAT32 has no disadvantages compared to NTFS which are relevant in the audio world.  


Q: Why does the PJ Box Control APP work on Streambox DS without upgrading to NetAPI?  

A: Because Box Control APP is based on UPnP standards, it allows to control and browse the stream (music content). It does not allow to control all functions of the unit itself. Therefore internet radio cannot be controlled and there is no gapless playback functionality. The overall performance and speed of the PJ Box Control APP is much better with NetAPI, compared to standard UPnP.  


Q: Why I must pay € 100,- for the upgrade?  

A: The NetAPI upgrade is a whole new software package, which allows us to implement more and better features for actual and future developments. For example: It will allow you to get also one of our new coming remote boxes which allows you to control a whole box design system including CD Player, analogue Preamp as well as your TV with one app. Additionally playback of ALAC files is possible as well as Gapless with NetAPI, when using the PJ Box Control APP for Stream Box control.  

You don’t loose any money, because Stream Box DS2 T (with NetAPI) costs exactly € 100,- more anyway. Stream Box DS2 T with the NetAPI is not only an audiophile grade streamer, it is also one of the best streamers on the market in terms of easiness and speed of control.  


Q: What is to consider to use GAPLESS?  

A: The GAPLESS playback between 2 tracks works when the music is played from an USB storage device.  

If the music is played from an UPnP Server (eg. Twonky) GAPLESS only works with the remote control or with our Box Control App over NetAPI.  

To use NetAPI you have to upgrade your Stream Box DS to DS2 T.  

With a normal UPnP-Control-App (eg. PlugPlayer) GAPLESS is not possible.  


Q: What is necessary to play FLAC files with 24Bit/192KHz without interruptions?  

For music files with high data rates (even WAV files) a LAN connection is necessary because WiFi-G has too less bandwidth.  

Further necessary is a powerful NAS-System or a fast USB storage.  

Avoid retranscoding music by the server, because this can also cause dropouts.  


Q: What is to consider at the Router?  

A: You can use either wireless (WLAN) or wired (LAN) connection, but by principle LAN connections are more reliable than WLAN.  

If wireless is your choice, use at least Wifi „G“ or mixed “G/N”routers and channels 1 to 11. If you face speed problems on specific channels, switch to another.  


Q: What routers and switches are recommended for use?  

A: Our App and Stream Boxes are designed for advanced gigabit routers and switches to guarantee best possible datatransfers and communications, therefore they are recommended for optimum performance and results. A well set up network and server (avoid high datasets) are prerequisite for best results. Also it is recommended to connect the Stream Box via Ethernet cable into the network, since that guarantees maximum stability.  


Q: What is to consider at the UPnP/DLNA-Server?  

A: Twonky media server or Asset UPnP will give perfect results. Many DLNA servers can be enabled for transcoding of the original signal to another file format. This changes the integrity of original signal and requires a lot of processing power in NAS systems.  

Transcoding may lead to drop-outs in playback, so please make sure transcoding is not enabled!  


Q: What is to consider at the NAS (Network Attached Storage)?  

A: Main CPU of network attached storage device should have at least 1GHz for playback of HD music without dropouts (QNAP-NAS consistently have reliable quality with Twonky pre-installed).  


Q: What is to consider at Audio Playback and Ripping Formats?  

A: HD music files (24 bit/88,2 - 192kHz) have audio quality like in the recording studio and are available from diverse online sources.  

Second best are uncompressed file formats created from CD source. WAV is a 1:1 copy of CD‘s audio with best sound quality, but no tag information or album art will be displayed. Lossless audio formats like FLAC & ALAC offer the same audio quality as WAV, but need only 60% of hard-disk space and show album art plus track/artist information.  

PLEASE NOTE: FLAC offers 8 levels of lossless compression, levels 4 to 8 give best results. With compression levels 1 to 3 you will get NO playback, because of excessively high data rates (please use WAV instead)! Please also make sure that album cover art graphic is smaller than 800kbyte, bigger files will not be displayed! ALAC does need Twonky or Asset UPnP as server for playback. Please avoid lossy compressed file formats, like MP3 or AAC, if you are forced to use these, select highest bitrate (320 kbit/sec) to get playback quality near CD. All suggested ripping formats (except WAV) are able to display cover art and metadata, if these information is available from online data base (CDDB, Gracenote,…), when ripping.  


Q: What is to consider at the CD Ripping Software?  

A: We strongly recommend to use high quality ripping programs and the best available audio formats to store music onto computer or network. There are many different programs for download, which can be used as ripping and playback software (iTunes, Windows media player, foobar2000, EAC…). If you want to be sure to get a bit-perfect copy, please activate “Ripping Security” in foobar2000, dBpoweramp or Exact Audio Copy (EAC).  


Q: What is to consider at Home Recordings from analogue sources?  

A: If you record your own files from vinyl or analogue tape, you are able to transfer the original quality by using 24bit depth and higher sampling rate (96 to 192kHz). High quality recording software needs not to be expensive, we recommend Audacity combined with high quality audio interface like Phono Box USB V.  


Q: Is it possible to play WAV- or M4a-Files?  

A: WAV-Files (Fileextension .wav) or MPEG-4 Audio (Fileextension .m4a) are container formats and can be played. WAV-Files contains LPCM-Audio files and M4a-Files can contain AAC- and ALAC audio files.  




Pro-Ject Audio Systems has no influence on the mentioned third-party software (e.g. Jamcast, PlugPlayer) and therefore cannot guarantee a proper operating of this software. The use of this third-party software is at your own risk, although we recommend it. Liability claims have to be asserted at the third-party software manufacturer, Pro-Ject Audio Systems disclaims all liability in this regard.  


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