Pro-Ject Switch Box S  

Input expansion for amplifiers/preamplifiers  


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• 4 inputs  

• 2 line outputs for separate usage  

• Suitable for amplifiers (Pro-Ject Audio or other brands)  

• three-input expansion for Pre Box S  

• Ultra-low crosstalk  

• Automatic synchronisation with trigger cable of Pre Box S  

• Solid cabinet protects against vibration and interference  

• Faceplate silver or black  


Selecting inputs when used together with Pre Box S  


After cponnecting the sources to Switch Box S and attaching interconnects and trigger cable between Pre Box S and Switch Box S, input selection is easy: Pressing the input select button of Pre Box S, audio inputs from in 1 to in 5 are switched. Same will happen, when using IR remote control by pressing ch+ and ch– buttons. Pre Box S and Switch Box S will indicate selected source by corresponding LED.  

For use with all other amplifiers, press button on front of Switch Box S to select correct source, when sources and interconnects are installed.  


SRP: € 119,00  


Last update 12.07.2018

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